How Electric Motors Work?

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How Do AC Voltage Electric Motors Work?

Electric motors run on forces created by changing magnetic fields. Since alternating current (AC) changes direction, it offers a head start for motor design. AC motors use a set of wire coils surro... Read More »

Differences Between Hydraulic Motors & Electric Motors?

A motor is a machine that turns a source of fuel into motion. This is usually rotary motion, which is to say that motors turns around and around. In doing this, they are able to drive other mechani... Read More »

Electric Motors vs. Gas Engines?

Hybrid electric cars feature both a gasoline internal combustion engine and an electric motor to provide power in a combination that yields higher fuel efficiency. Of course, cars and other machine... Read More »

How to Wire Electric Motors?

Electric motors range from low-powered to high-powered, depending on their intended purpose. They can be low voltage and use a battery or transformer to power them, or they can be high voltage and ... Read More »