How Does the VIBE machine work?

Answer On One Hand: Electromagnetic EnergyThe VIBE machine consists of twelve tubes of inert gas placed in a ring. The machine also has a low-functioning laser which "activates" the machine, creating an e... Read More »

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How does the ABR machine work?

How does the rife machine work?

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife was an inventor who believed he could cure disease through sympathetic resonance, which states one vibrating object will trigger vibrations in another similar object. Dr. Rif... Read More »

How does an xray machine work?

Most, if not everyone, has seen an X-ray at some point in their lives. It's a special kind of picture of the inside of your body.What is an X-ray?An X-ray itself is an electromagnetic wave that is ... Read More »

How Does a Phonograph Machine Work?

Phonographs, also known as record players or turntables, are devices that enable the playback of audio recordings. These devices were most popular between 1950 and 1970, after which they fell out o... Read More »