How Does the Type of Car Affect the Cost of Insurance?

Answer Typically, the general purpose of your car is what matters the most for the type of car insurance. Sports cars and racing cars will cost the most to insure, while more family friendly cars will cos... Read More »

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Name 4 factors that can affect the cost of travel insurance?

You can't stop tourists from using natural resources. Trying to do that will end your tourist industry on the spot. People are going to use resources no matter where they are. What you want to do i... Read More »

What can you do if your name is on the title and the insurance is in your name but someone else drives it and has out standing traffic tickets. Will that affect the cost of insurance for me.?

Title Transfer Just call your states Vehicle titles and registrations office. If the car is paid off and ownership has transferred to another person who has failed to transfer the title, all you ha... Read More »

Why type of car matters for the cost of insurance?

Car insurance premiums are determined by many factors, such as your age, driving record and location. However, the type of car you drive may make the biggest difference in your policy premium overa... Read More »

Does having motorcycle insurance affect your auto insurance?

That Depends..... Motorcycle policies and auto policies are mutually exclusive meaning there is no coverage on an auto policy for motorcycles and vice versa. They are separate policies and each co... Read More »