How Does the Toyota Prius Charging System Work?

Answer With its hybrid engine technology, the Toyota Prius has grown into the epitome of environmentally friendly cars. Using an electric motor in conjunction with a conventional gasoline engine, the Priu... Read More »

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How does toyota prius work?

Introduced to America in 2001, Toyota's Prius was only the second hybrid gas/electric car ever sold on these shores. While it's fuel economy and technology are indisputable, the environmental impac... Read More »

How Does a Dual Alternator Charging System Work?

When it comes to car alternators, two is better than one. A single alternator provides energy to a car's electrical components. An additional, or dual, alternator can generate even more amps to sup... Read More »

How to Update the Toyota Prius Navigation System?

The Toyota Prius navigation system integrates the car's internal GPS signal with its map information. The GPS pinpoints the coordinates of the car, then the map associates the coordinates with the ... Read More »

Where is the control box for a Toyota Prius headrest DVD system?

The control box for a Toyota Prius headrest DVD system is located in the rear of the vehicle, under the back floor panels. You should be able to see the control box after you snap the panels out of... Read More »