How Does the Economy Influence the Sale of Music Products?

Answer In the U.S., consumer spending on music products varies widely from state to state. A downturn in the national economy tends to lower the sale of music products but to different degrees based on mu... Read More »

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What influence does teenage pregnancy have on the economy?

A negative one since it costs millions to support the parents and child when it comes living expenses, health, delayed schooling, free daycare etc.

How does rap music influence society?

Rap music was started in the 1970s in New York City's South Bronx neighborhood as a way for people to express their frustrations about social issues such as racism, crime, drug abuse and unemployme... Read More »

How much money does the tobacco industry make from the sale of its products?

As of 2009, the tobacco industry made $90.7 billion in sales, according to the Truth website. Approximately $83.6 billion was spent on cigarettes, $3.2 billion was spent on cigars and $2.6 billion... Read More »

How did the Baroque music era influence the Classical music era?

The end of the Romantic Age of music brought about a change in music that gave birth to a new way of thinking.Classical EraWith Beethoven's works at its base, classical composers were treated as he... Read More »