How Does the Color of a House Affect the Temperature Inside of It?

Answer The color of a house can affect the temperature inside it, according to the Federal Citizen Information Center. Dark colors absorb more heat or radiant energy from the sun and light colors reflect ... Read More »

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Using raid indoor fogger under house in crawl space how does it affect the inside of house?

depends on how old and sealed the home most new homes it would be a non issue, where as I have been at some old homes that the fog will go right into the living space

How could a dark color affect a solar oven's temperature?

Dark colors absorb more light than lighter colors, so a dark color would make the temperature higher.

What is the recommended humidity level for a house in Colorado when the inside temperature is 72 degrees?

New Answer Headline A humidity level of 35-40 percent is considered best. Answer Room Temp

Why is the temperature inside a greenhouse usually warmer than the temperature outside?

Because the heat from the sun hits the green house and stays in and plus the plants provide a little heat to and the green house has glass walls to also help keep the heat trapped in. The air outsi... Read More »