How Does one get around WMG's overzealous stupidity on Youtube?

Answer Sadly, I don't know of a way to get around this system (In fact its probably now a federal offense knowing how the WMG is ;) ). This is because the system is made up of computers that search the au... Read More »

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Why is there so much stupidity on the road?

Sorry to quite a few of the answerers above, but forgetfulness or setting off from a brightly lit road is not an acceptable excuse.We all have a duty to see and be seen, it should be part of your n... Read More »

Ouch! After an overzealous workout, my calves are killing me. Does wearing CFM boots exacerbate the problem?

I thought all calves were vegetarians... why are they killing you? Do your calves have mad cow disease? Mebbe you better run for it. Mebbe you best reconsider your choice of footwear... unless you ... Read More »

Is there a cure for stupidity and ingnorance?

Hey Dr. Mikeeeeyyy, I don't know what you did, but thanks for bowing out gracefully, don't worry, I'll make sure that Alex forgets all about you. And to think, with all that brains in your head, y... Read More »

How to Remain Polite in the Face of Sheer Stupidity?

You run into that woman you can't stand at Starbucks again. She's trying to talk to you about her relationship troubles. You can't believe she can be so incredibly stupid. You want to punch her in ... Read More »