How Does an Ignition Key Switch & Solenoid Work?

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How does the ignition switch work?

An ignition switch is responsible for supplying power to all the electrical components of the engine. Your ignition switch has from two to four settings, depending on the make and model of vehicle.... Read More »

What does a Dodge ignition solenoid do?

An ignition, or starter, solenoid on a Dodge vehicle — and all vehicles that have a starter solenoid installed — is part of the equipment responsible for starting the vehicle. The solenoid is o... Read More »

How to Replace an Ignition Solenoid Cable?

The solenoid and starter are two vital components in the design of a car engine. The starter is a small electrical motor that cranks the motor at ignition and allows it to start. The solenoid is th... Read More »

What Is a Solenoid Switch?

Solenoid switches are a part of an automobile's starting system, which is used to turn the engine over. The solenoid switch has magnetic coils that create a magnetic field when energized by an elec... Read More »