How Does an Ignition Coil Work?

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How Does an Automotive Electronic Ignition Coil Work?

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The Difference in a Lighting Coil & an Ignition Coil?

Induction coils play a significant part in a car's function by firing the car's spark plugs, which are essential for engine performance. The lighting coils is a self-powered generator system that e... Read More »

Problems With Getting No Spark From the Ignition Coil & Ignition Issues?

Certain requirements must be met for an ignition coil to produce the high-voltage spark that fires an engine. Problems associated with meeting these requirements can be as simple as a corroded wire... Read More »

How to Tell If an Ignition Coil Is Bad?

Ignition coils send electricity from the distributor into the spark plug to make the car run. Ignition coils are well known for failing after a period of time. Testing them to ensure that they are... Read More »