How Does an Igloo Keep You Warm?

Answer When one thinks of an Eskimo, chances are those thoughts are immediately followed by thoughts involving round, ice houses known as "igloos." According to the online New World Encyclopedia, in the A... Read More »

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How warm is an igloo?

An igloo has three tiers, the coldest at the bottom and the warmest at the top (as heat rises). People generally sleep on the top tier, where it tends to be around 20 degrees Fahrenheit. This is su... Read More »

How does closing the curtains keep the house warm?

Curtains act as your windows insulation, maintaining a buffer between the heat contained in your house, and an outside colder temperature, that can easily seep into your home via weak spots that pr... Read More »

Does standby mode keep all the components warm on a computer?

No it does not, it is a power saving mode that just retains some volatile memory to enable the PC to boot up faster when re started whilst everything else is powered down to save electricity ( pow... Read More »

Does the chocolate fountain keep the chocolate warm?

The chocolate fountain has a reservoir in its base, which holds the melted chocolate. It uses an internal heating element to keep the chocolate warm and fluid, enabling the chocolate to flow to the... Read More »