How Does an Automotive Parking Sensor Work?

Answer Wondrous innovations in car design abound and excite consumers every day, from the novelty of a seat warmer to the practicality of parking sensors. These sensors detect an imminent collision and in... Read More »

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What Is an Automotive Speed Sensor?

An automotive speed sensor (or vehicle speed sensor) is a piece of equipment that keeps a detailed summary of different actions situated around speed. Sensors like the wheel speed sensor are needed... Read More »

Instructions for a Parking Sensor?

A parking sensor uses small ultrasonic devices mounted on the car's bumper to detect the distance to nearby objects. The parking sensor then emits a beeping noise while the car is in reverse, which... Read More »

How to Clean an Automotive Oxygen Sensor?

The oxygen sensor in your car or truck analyzes the chemical composition of the exhaust gases exiting from the cylinders to help the engine-management system adjust the air to fuel ratio. A dirty o... Read More »

How to Install a Wireless Parking Sensor?

All cars have a blind spot, and when backing out of a parking spot, something in this blind spot could be hit. Such a scenario has been tragically repeated when small children stand behind a car as... Read More »