How Does an Automatic Car Transmission Circulate Fluid?

Answer Transmission fluid maintains proper engine performance while keeping transmission components cool and lubricated among other responsibilities. Significant engine damage can result from insufficient... Read More »

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How to Put In Automatic Transmission Fluid?

If an automatic transmission has difficulty shifting between gears, the problem may be a low transmission fluid level. Automatic transmissions operate under hydraulic pressure, and the fluid is wha... Read More »

What If Antifreeze Gets in Automatic Transmission Fluid?

It may seem like a rather remote possibility, but engine coolant, or anti-freeze can get into automatic transmission fluid. The temperature of transmission fluid is regulated inside the engine cool... Read More »

How to Flush Automatic Transmission Fluid?

Prior to the invention of the automatic transmission flush machine, a transmission service was nothing more than removing the pan, replacing the filter, reinstalling the pan and adding five or six ... Read More »

Should i change my automatic transmission fluid?

On One Hand: You Don't Need to Change It OftenUnlike oil, which mechanics recommend you change every 2,500 miles or so, transmission fluid lasts much longer. If you have changed the transmission fl... Read More »