How Does an Auto Fuel Pump Work?

Answer An auto fuel pump is the device which sends the gas from your car's gas tank towards your car's engine. When your fuel pump is not operating, your engine is not getting any gas and your car will no... Read More »

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How to Change Fuel Pump With Auto Repair?

Today's vehicles include an electric fuel pump as part of the vehicle's overall fuel system. The fuel pump sits inside the gas tank of the vehicle with the top of the pump sticking out to connect t... Read More »

How Does a Fuel Pump Work?

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How Does a Fuel Pump Relay Work?

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The Fuel Pump Won't Work on My '99 GMC Yukon?

The two biggest culprits of a malfunctioning fuel pump on your GMC Yukon are either the pump itself or the fuel sending unit connected to the pump. Depending on the case, you either need to replace... Read More »