How Does an Adult Diaper Differ From a Baby Diaper?

Answer Social scientists have debated and argued that the mass media, whether through news or television programming, reinforces cultural stereotypes or images of crime and criminals when counters could b... Read More »

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How to Prevent a Baby From Taking Off Their Diaper?

Every parent knows the scene: you walk in to wake your baby after his nap only to find that the little fellow removed his diaper and has been playing in his excrement. After spending the next 20 mi... Read More »

How to Use a Diaper Changing Pillow to Change a Diaper?

Diaper Changing PillowChanging a baby’s diaper is never easy, particularly as the infant gets older, stronger, and more curious. A diaper changing pillow can be a big help. This soft, flexible U ... Read More »

How can I rid myself of adult diaper rash?

I agree with JB's answer. Also, I recommend a quality incontinence product like Tranquility. They are available online at Dignity With Diapers. Tranquility draws the moisture away from you and k... Read More »

How to Change a Disposable Adult Diaper?

Do you or someone you know, have to wear diapers 24/7? Did you realize the process to changing that diaper of yours(or your loved ones) are slightly different than changing that diaper of a baby ne... Read More »