How Does a Tampon Work?

Answer A Truecraft torque wrench allows you to tighten a bolt to a specific torque value. Most automotive repair jobs require that you secure bolts to a certain torque value, measured in foot-pounds or in... Read More »

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Does Tampon drunkenness work?

Do not listen to any of these idiots. Drinking alcohol and sticking it up your vagina are two very different things. When young dink alcohol it has to go through a lot more to end up in your blood ... Read More »

Does taking a tampon out hurt?

If you leave it in for at least 3 hours, then no it won't.

I am scared to use a tampon does it hurt?

it shouldnt do. just sit down, relax (seriously if you dont it'll be uncomfortable), and pop it on up there! dont worry, once it's in the right place you wont even feel it, and you just have to pus... Read More »

How long does it take you to change your tampon ?

I always pee when I change my tampon. You're in the toilet anyway, why not! I take my tampon out first, pee, tidy myself up, unwrap my tampon, put it in, make sure everything's tidy, and go. Probab... Read More »