How Does a Piezo Actuator Work?

Answer Piezo actuators are electronic components that utilize a substance known as piezoelectric material. These small devices have helped the automotive industry advance its fuel consumption conservation... Read More »

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How do piezo pickups work?

Piezo pickups are a common method of amplifying acoustic instruments. Used primarily for acoustic guitars, violins, mandolins, pianos and other stringed instruments, piezo pickups are an alternativ... Read More »

How Does a Linear Actuator Work?

When going to the beach, a woman doesn't want to have to worry about redness or irritation along her bikini line. Also, a man wants to look smooth and clean for a fancy party rather than bumpy and... Read More »

What is piezo?

Piezo is short for piezoelectricity. Piezoelectricity is a property of certain materials. When these materials are subjected to mechanical stress, they produce a voltage. Likewise, when the materia... Read More »

What is a piezo guitar?

A piezo guitar refers to guitars with piezoelectric-style pickups. These pickups are typically used with acoustic guitars for when they are plugged into an amplifier.Purpose of the PickupGuitar pic... Read More »