How Does a Personal Alarm Work?

Answer Personal alarms are small, mobile devices that emit a loud sound or siren when activated. They give people a simple, effective, first-line defense when exposed to threatening situations.

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How does an alarm bell work?

Even in the age of electronic buzzers, motorized or electromagnetic alarm bells still ring out in countless facilities to warn occupants of a fire or other emergency.FunctionAlarm bells alert peopl... Read More »

Does Leakfrog work like a smoke alarm?

Yes, a Leakfrog water alarm works by detecting water as shallow as 1/32 inch. When water is detected, an alarm goes off and continues to sound until it is shut off. Leakfrogs are often used in bas... Read More »

Does the alarm for the iPhone 3GS work if you have headphones in?

How Does a Ford Taurus Anti-Theft Alarm System Work?

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