How Does a Knock Sensor Work?

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What does a knock sensor do?

A knock sensor is a sensitive device mounted on a car engine that detects pinging associated with problems with fuel delivery. If necessary, the sensor signals the engine control model or ECM to ad... Read More »

Does a 92 Cadillac sedan have a knock sensor?

A 1992 Cadillac sedan does have a knock sensor and it is located on the driver's side of the engine block. The sensor is shaped like a doughnut and is under the sedan's starter.References:"GM Cadil... Read More »

What Does a Knock Sensor Do in a 2000 Villager?

While some might believe that the Mercury Villager was a cousin to parent company Ford's Windstar, it was actually developed as a joint venture between Ford/Mercury and Nissan. Badged as either the... Read More »

Does a'95 Mustang have a knock sensor?

Ford released five different models of the Mustang in 1995. Ford's official website contains no information regarding knock sensors for Mustangs of this year, nor do most car parts websites which f... Read More »