How Does a Gravity Toilet Work?

Answer Most standard home toilets are gravity flush toilets, which are basically a simple operation. They rely on the law of gravity to flush waste into the sewer system. By law, all toilets have a 1.6-ga... Read More »

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I sat on a public toilet after some guy who was Mad At Gravity, and now I have crabs! What do I do?

Ask the What Should I Do Retard. This has probably happened to him before.

Why would a ball point pen not work in low gravity?

because the ink will not be down headed so the ink wont write on your paper .

What Batteries Will Work for the Samsung Gravity 2?

Purchasing a new battery for your cell phone is a simple way to extend the lifetime of your phone. The Samsung Gravity 2 (SGH-t469) and its battery both have a one-year warranty through Samsung. Ho... Read More »

Will a T-Mobile prepaid SIM card work in a Samsung Gravity?

According to the official Samsung website, the Samsung Gravity is designed for use on the T-Mobile network. The T-Mobile website explains that users may place a prepaid SIM card in any T-Mobile-com... Read More »