How Does a Feeler Gauge Work?

Answer One of the most common ways to measure the distance between two points is with a ruler. One end is lined up with the zero mark on the ruler, and the person doing the measuring simply observes where... Read More »

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DIY Feeler Gauge?

A feeler gauge is a piece of metal that measures a specific thickness. You slide the gauge between two objects to determine the size of the gap. You can make your own feeler gauge set with thicknes... Read More »

What Does a Feeler Gauge Measure?

Feeler gauges are used to measure the dimensions of a gap between two objects or surfaces. Feeler gauges are uniform strips of steel or stainless steel with a precise thickness, marked with their ... Read More »

Feeler Gauge Instructions?

Feeler gauges have multiple uses from automotive work to manufacturing. Many machinists use these types of gauges daily and a mechanic just cannot be without a set for tune ups. Whether you are loo... Read More »

Definition of a Feeler Gauge?

A feeler gauge is a tool used to measure small gaps to within thousandths of an inch. While simple, they are extremely important tools when working with machines having tight mechanical tolerances.