How Does a Cooling Fan on a Car Work?

Answer The radiator fan is just one of the key components in a car's cooling system. Located directly behind the radiator, this fan is responsible for ensuring that the radiator doesn't overheat.

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How Does a Clutch Cooling Fan Work on a Car?

Every engine must be cooled, because as the engine works, it produces heat and if that continued indefinitely the engine would become too hot to function. A clutch engine fan is used to keep a mode... Read More »

How Does Radiator Cooling Work?

All cars on the road today use some sort of radiator to dissipate heat created by the combustion event, even those that don't actually use a radiator.

How Does a Car Cooling System Work?

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My 1993 Saturn's Cooling Fan Won't Work?

The cooling fan that sits against the rear of your Saturn's radiator is responsible for cooling your car's coolant during engine operation. As the fan ages, its ability to properly reduce the antif... Read More »