How Does a Chemical Imbalance Make You Feel Physically?

Answer Chemical imbalances in the brain can result in many disorders, including learning disabilities, depression and anxiety. An imbalance can occur between many different chemicals, causing different re... Read More »

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Who sings chemical imbalance?

"Chemical Imbalance" is a track from the album Tongues. It's performed by hardcore hip-hop artist Esham. Esham, otherwise known as Rashaam Smith, hails from Detroit and often mixes different styles... Read More »

What Is Stress Chemical Imbalance?

The "fight or flight" response hard-wired into our bodies as a survival instinct can turn against us when everyday stresses create a prolonged, unhealthy chemical imbalance.Fight or Flight Response... Read More »

What are the causes of chemical imbalance of the brain?

Chemical imbalance of the brain can cause a host of different mental health problems. A reduction in the naturally occurring chemical serotonin can bring about depression or anxiety, and unregulate... Read More »

How to Deal When You Have a Chemical Imbalance?

Your body is made up of a delicate system of organs, fluids, electrolytes and balanced chemicals, so knowing how to deal when you have a chemical imbalance is critical not only to everyday function... Read More »