How Does a Car Engine Create a Vacuum?

Answer Vacuum functions as a fundamental dynamic air flow of the internal combustion engine. Without the proper vacuum, a car would starve of the air and fuel mixture required to produce combustion. Vacuu... Read More »

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How to Check an Engine Vacuum?

The vacuum pressure in your engine is a critical part of a properly functioning engine. To measure vacuum pressure, you'll need a special gauge called a vacuum pressure gauge, which is available at... Read More »

How to Find an Engine Vacuum Leak?

Engine vacuum leaks are notoriously difficult to find, but their symptoms are all too apparent. The most common problems associated with a vacuum leak are lean fuel burning and engine idling. This ... Read More »

How to Locate an Engine Vacuum Source?

Engine vacuum is always produced in the engine intake system. This area is where air is drawn into the engine for use in combustion. Because the engine requires air to operate, a complex air manage... Read More »

How to Check Engine Vacuum Hoses?

When you look under the hood of a vehicle, you'll see what seems to be an intricate highway of hoses connecting different points of the engine to electronic, plastic and weird-looking metal compone... Read More »