How Does a Camshaft Work?

Answer Except for rotaries engines, all four-stroke engines use some sort of camshaft. They are widely considered the "brains" of an engine.

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How Do Camshaft Sensors Work?

Quantitative and qualitative research reflect vastly different approaches toward academic or scientific theory. The quantitative researcher collects statistics or surveys a large group on straightf... Read More »

Would a camshaft work 180 degrees out?

No. The camshaft must be timed to open and close the intake and exhaust valves at exact points. A cam that is 180 degrees out of phase would open and close the valves at the wrong point in the engi... Read More »

What Does a Camshaft Interrupter Module Do?

Camshaft position sensors, also known as camshaft position modules, come in several different types. One of the oldest is the magnetic Hall Effect sensor, which utilizes an interrupter gear to dete... Read More »

What does a camshaft position sensor do?

A camshaft position sensor can determine the speed of the camshaft. It can also detect the camshaft's acceleration, deceleration and position. The data from this is then transferred, via the sensor... Read More »