How Does a Brake Line Lock Work?

Answer Line locks and transmission brakes are in a way similar to a sniper's scope: if you don't need one, then you'll never know it. These devices are very specialized tools used by drag racers to increa... Read More »

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How to Install a Brake Line Lock?

A brake line lock is a front brake valve that will close to brake line when initiated by the driver. The system brakes the front wheels while the rear wheels continue to turn. A line lock is used i... Read More »

Can a line lock be used to lock front brakes?

Yes, front-brake line-lock installs are very common. A front brake line lock is generally used to hold the car in place while the driver does a burnout. Such a setup won't usually hold the car whil... Read More »

How does a phone line work How does my voice travel along metal Does the phone line use electricity?

Should keep you going for 5 mins!!Telephone:This article is about telephone technology. For the game of telephone, see Telephone (game). For the band, see T鬩phone.The telephone or phone (Greek: t... Read More »

Can You Have Electronic Brake Distribution Without an Anti-lock Brake System?

Electronic brake distribution and anti-lock brake systems (ABS) are mutually exclusive in automobiles. Electronic brake distribution (EBD) is essential to the correct function of anti-lock brakes. ... Read More »