How Does a Battery Float Charger Work?

Answer There is nothing worse than going out on a cold winter day to start your car and finding that the battery is dead. You can keep that battery charged with a float charger. You never have to worry a... Read More »

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How does a battery charger work?

A battery charger is an electrical appliance which produces direct current at a voltage high enough to safely fill up a rechargeable battery with new electric charge.OK, what does that mean?To be a... Read More »

What is the Difference Between a Float Charger & a Trickle Charger?

Both float and trickle chargers are devices that slowly emit low-voltage charges to your car battery, restoring the battery to a fully charged status over several hours. Subtle differences between ... Read More »

How Does an Auto Battery Charger Work?

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Just bought brand new HP labtop and battery charger doesn't work?

If it continues to not work, take the charger back to the shop, they will have a help center that deals with this type of stuff.