How Does a 12-Volt Solenoid Starter Work?

Answer In early automotive history, engines were started by hand. A crank was inserted into the front of the engine and turned by hand to spin the engine. An engine backfire could cause the crank to rever... Read More »

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How Does a Starter Solenoid Work?

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How to Make an Aftermarket Solenoid Work With a Starter?

A vehicle solenoid functions as a heavy-duty switch that receives a voltage signal from the ignition key and bridges that electricity to the starter motor. A starter solenoid endures a lot of heat ... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot to Determine Whether a Starter or Starter Solenoid Is Not Working?

If you turn the ignition key in your automobile and all you hear is a clicking noise or the engine turning over very slowly, the issue could be the starter or the starter solenoid. Both cause issue... Read More »

How to Charge Two 6 Volt Batteries on a 12 Volt Starter?

Charging two 6V batteries with a 12V starter is a very simple task so long as the batteries are equal in their amp-hour rating. The batteries will need to be configured in a series configuration i... Read More »