How Does Water Affect Sound?

Answer Sound surrounds people -- whether it is the air conditioner blowing cool air, a car zooming past your house or your neighbor playing the piano too loudly across the street. Whether these sounds are... Read More »

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Does bit rate affect the video quality of recorded video or affect only sound of the video ?

a low bit rate is low qualitythe Large Frame size 1280x960 is the main problem.reduce the frame size to 640x480 and it will look a lot betteronce its bad quality, converting it can only make it wor... Read More »

Does bottled water or tap water affect plant growth?

Some tap water contains iodine, which can be harmful and/or affect a plant's growth. Many brands of bottled water have numerous minerals filtered out, which can also affect plant growth. Good old r... Read More »

How Does the Drum Shell Affect Its Sound?

There are many variables that determine the sound of a drum. One of the most important variables is the drum shell. The sound of the drum is affected by the type of wood used, the thickness of the ... Read More »

How does material affect sound quality of speakers?

Well that is not actually true as to wood being the best material. It is certainly the most common, and its actually MDF or medium density fiberboard. The reason MDF is used, is its pretty inert ... Read More »