How Does The Florida Prepaid Education Plan Work?


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Can your work drop your Family insurance plan if your spouse's work pays more then half of the total coverage for the plan or more and if her birthday is closer to January 1?

You can but it is unwise because you need to know when you would be covered by the spouse's health plan. Some plans have 3 and 6 monthj waiting periods. So it is wise to keep your insurance, sign u... Read More »

Does sprint have a prepaid plan?

The well known plans that operate on the Sprint network are Virgin and Boost. Both have some very good phones available to use on them and some excellent and affordable plans. However, Virgin and... Read More »

How can i get the iphone on a prepaid plan?

You can buy a Iphone for AT&T. Then you can use either Net10 or Straight Talk. You will have to go to either Net10 or Straight Talk websites and buy a $15 sim card. Then you will have to buy a Net1... Read More »

Can you use iphone with 50.00 prepaid plan?

Yes, but u have to use a carrier that uses the same sim card(AT&T , t-mobile). Must have the phone unlocked, and I don't think the data packages Will work either. Think you have to have a specific ... Read More »