How Does Sun Poisoning Affect the Skin?

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How long does bleach poisoning take to affect?

I was Poisoned at about 12 A.M. one night by showering in a shower that was being cleaned with bleach and I felt the affects as soon as I woke up the next morning. I woke with a sore throat and I f... Read More »

Can i get ink poisoning from writing on my skin?

On One Hand: Skin IrritationInk on your skin can "cause a burning sensation, itching or irritation," according to The more you write on your skin the more these reactions might occu... Read More »

How to Get Rid of White Spots on the Skin Due to Sun Poisoning?

Sun poisoning can happen to anyone at any age. Taking proper care of your skin with sun block/lotion is the key to protecting the skin from a number of different skin problems including sun poisoni... Read More »

Can writing on your skin give you lead poisoning?

Howdy,I do this all the time as a way to remember important things, so I was very eager to find you an answer.According to WiseGeek, "occasionally writing on skin with water-based inks is considere... Read More »