How Does SAD Affect People...?

Answer It affects me in that I find it very difficult to become motivated to do almost anything! Some mornings I find it hard to even get out of bed, I sometimes think if it wasn't for my dog I wouldn't ... Read More »

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How did the depression affect people?

The effects of the Great Depression were as varied as the individuals who experienced them. However, it was certainly a time of great hardship for most of those who were touched by it.Unemployment... Read More »

How does the military affect people physically?

How does arthritis affect elderly people?

The same as it does anyone at any age. it reduces the ability to use your joints and causes pain with movement. this can however be especially hard on older people as they are less likely to be mus... Read More »

How Cliques Affect People in School?

A group of friends becomes a clique if it is controlled by one or two people in the group. Having this power means they can throw you out or put pressure on you to conform to the "culture" of the c... Read More »