How Does Perfume Work?

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How Does a Perfume Bottle Work?

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Does perfume work as well as mace?

On One Hand: It Has Been Shown to be EffectiveThere are numerous stories in the news of perfume being used as improvised mace, including one listed at about a woman who fought off a knif... Read More »

Pheromone perfume called PHERLURE and did it work for you?

I've heard some people say that Pherlure worked for them, although it is considered to be a lower quality product by people who know about the good pheromone products out there. Personally, I foun... Read More »

How to Make Perfume Your Perfume Last?

Everyone has a perfume that they’re particularly fond us, but most of us have had the unfortunate experience of realizing that the great scent has faded throughout the day. You put a few dabs of ... Read More »