How Does Papaya Whiten The Skin?

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How to Whiten With Papaya?

Papaya is an active ingredient in many commercial beauty products that are designed to lighten the skin. Papain, an enzyme contained in the papaya, will help to soften and whiten the skin, reducing... Read More »

How to use Papaya for skin?

Papaya has been labeled as the ultimate food for skin and digestive health.Rich in Vitamins,it can do wonders if you believe in this great fruit.Here are some ways and uses of papaya. ... Read More »

Papaya Soap for Skin Whitening?

Papaya soap used for skin whitening typically contains a special formulation of ingredients such as water, glycerine and papaya that causes skin to lose its pigmentation. The main cause is the papa... Read More »

How to use Likas Papaya skin whitening soap ?

If you can find fresh papaya it is generally much stronger than the soap for skin lightening. First enjoy eating it but keep the skin. Rub the inside of the skin on your skin in gentle upward motio... Read More »