How Does Nipple Piercing Work?

Answer Rust occurs when oxygen comes in contact with metal in the presence of water. This results in oxidation, or rust. Rust weakens metal and makes it look unattractive. Rust is often inevitable, especi... Read More »

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How to Get a Nipple Piercing?

Nipple piercing is a common type of piercing that both men and women get done. Many different types of jewelry can be put into a nipple piercing, which makes it a fun piercing to get. If you are in... Read More »

Can you get a nipple piercing while pregnant?

I would highly discourage doing this. You not only risk the chance of getting an infection while pregnant, you are also putting your ability to properly feed and care for your baby by getting a nip... Read More »

Nipple piercing advise?

From what I can tell, this is illegal. From this source (… " Under the age of 16, girls are not allowed to get their nipples or genitals pierced, even whe... Read More »

Simple yes or no to nipple piercing?

No "wee" answer here...a big **** YES! Make those boobs even prettier!