How Does Motor Oil Affect the Earth?

Answer According to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, "Americans spill 180 gallons of used oil each year into the nation's waters." The organization deems used motor oil as "the l... Read More »

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How Does the Moon Affect Earth's Seasons?

The moon is approximately 384,403 km from Earth and travels around Earth every 27 1/3 days beginning as the new moon and ending as a full moon. The moon affects the daily ebb and flow of the ocean ... Read More »

How does motor oil affect plants?

Few people consider how damaging a simple oil change can be on the environment. Research shows that soil contaminated with oil affects the germination of plant life at only a 5 percent contaminatio... Read More »

How Does the Earth's Rotation Affect the Phases of the Moon?

The phases of the moon, as seen from the Earth, result from the position of the moon in relation to the sun and the Earth. To understand these positions, imagine the hands of a clock: The point of ... Read More »

What three factors affect the density of the Earth's amosphere?

Three factors that affect the density of the Earth's atmosphere are altitude, humidity and temperature. The density of air decreases with higher altitude, higher temperatures and higher humidity. P... Read More »