How Does Menthol Work in a Cosmeceutical?

Answer Cosmeceutical has become a much-used buzz word in skin care, but the FDA does not recognize it as a category that needs to be approved by its agency. So "cosmeceutical" is a way for those marketin... Read More »

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How Does Papain Work in a Cosmeceutical?

The modern automobile braking system has efficiently improved over the years. It is a technology designed to help decrease the possibilities of accidents. There are two sets of brake system in a ca... Read More »

How Does Ginkgo Biloba Extract Work in a Cosmeceutical?

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In What Forms Does Menthol Come?

Menthol is a chemical substance often used in foods, snacks, toothpastes, candies, cigarettes, mouth rinses, ointments and creams. Menthol comes in two forms: natural and synthetic. Natural menthol... Read More »

How to Start Your Own Cosmeceutical Company?

The cosmetics field spans a wide variety of products. Typically, cosmeceuticals are moisturizers or anti-aging products. In general, the name implies that these products have some pharmaceutical-li... Read More »