How Does Lipstick Get Made?

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What Is Lipstick Made Out Of?

It's hard to deny that applying the right shade of lipstick can add just the right finishing touch to a polished makeup routine. Few cosmetics offer the kind of gratification that lipstick, with it... Read More »

Does Lipstick Go Bad?

Picture this. You're getting ready for a night out on the town and you just need to add that finishing touch. You reach for your favorite shade of lipstick and open it to apply it when a funky smel... Read More »

My lipstick,does it suit me (pic)?

It would help if we could see your whole face..

Does lipstick contain lead?

Lead became an ingredient in cosmetics beginning in ancient Rome, when women whitened their faces and reddened their lips with lead-based paint. In Medieval and Renaissance Europe, women's faces we... Read More »