How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

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Does laser hair removal work on beards?

On One Hand: Required Physical TraitsLaser Hair Removal does work on beards, but only on certain beards. The technology works by focusing a powerfully intense beam of light on the melanin in your h... Read More »

How long does laser hair removal take to work?

Hair that has been treated with a laser sheds usually within two to three and one-half weeks. Some may see quicker results depending on individual response to treatment. Follow up treatments are sp... Read More »

Does laser hair removal work permanently?

On One Hand: Laser Hair Removal Can Be EffectiveLaser hair removal is as effective as electrolysis and requires a shorter course of treatment. It is more effective than depilatory products or shavi... Read More »

How Does the Epila Home Laser Hair Removal Kit Work?

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