How Does Facial Hair Grow Get Lighter or Darker?

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Can I Go From Darker Colored Hair to Lighter?

If you have darker-colored hair it is possible to lighten it, but there are a few things to consider before taking the plunge. Lightening may need to be done by a professional colorist if your hair... Read More »

Why is it that the sun makes your hair lighter, but skin darker?

B/c your skin has melanin in it and its natural defence to the sun is making it darker and hair is dead protein therefore the sun bleaches it out

(PICS INVOLVED)!DO i look better with darker or lighter hair?

I acutally tallied it up for you of those who said directly if they want light or dark and its at 19 light vs 21 dark. I'm for the light hair color, 20 vs 21 I think it looks nicer on you and as ... Read More »

Why does light make our skin darker but our hair lighter?

The skin is a living organ which contains melanin. The sun will destroy melanin, but being a living regenerative tissue. The sun destroys the melanin therefore your skin produces more, so a tan is... Read More »