How Does Eyeshadow Affect the Color and Shape of the Eyes?

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What's the best color eyeshadow to use if you have blue eyes?

If you want to make your eye color pop, then use browns, but if you just want to intensify your color, use blues. If you want to make the effect more dramatic, use darker colors or apply the eyesh... Read More »

What eyeshadow color is best for dark blue eyes?

On One Hand: Contrast ColorsContrast colors can make your eye color appear more vivid, so cosmetics experts suggest you choose an eyeshadow that is opposite your eye color on the color wheel. For ... Read More »

What color eyeshadow looks good for dark eyes?

On One Hand: Bright ColorsThe right shade of bright colors such as purple, blue and green can really make dark eyes pop. Sticking with lighter shades that have a bit of iridescence to them will cre... Read More »

The Best Color Eyeshadow for Dark Brown Eyes?

Choosing the right eyeshadow for your eye color can make or break the image you are trying to create for yourself. While there are always options in terms of application and style, there are a few ... Read More »