How Does Eating Carrots Make You Orange?

Answer No, it's not a myth. When you feed infants with too much carrot baby food in their diet excess beta carotene is absorbed into their skin from the bloodstream .Then it shows as orange tint to their ... Read More »

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Does anyone know why carrots are orange?

Yeah, carrots are domesticated plants. In the wild, the plant which we know of as the "carrot" is called Queen Ann's Lace. It's tap root is comparatively white, with, perhaps, a very slight orange ... Read More »

How does eating carrots influence night vision?

Mayo Clinic states that the lack of Vitamin A can lead to night blindness, a condition whereby vision becomes poor at night. Since carrots are rich in Vitamin A, they are often credited with improv... Read More »

Why are carrots orange?

If there are regular carrots and baby carrots, are there teenage carrots How bout toddler carrots?

there are purple and green carrots, the orange ones are just mutants.Purple, white and yellow carrots were imported to southern Europe in the 14th century. Black, red and green/yellow carrots were ... Read More »