How Does Earwax Help the Body?

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How does earwax protect your body?

it protects your ear from getting too much dirt and guck and your eardrums from busting.

Does earwax help the ear at all?

If a bee is lost and gets in your ear and there's no wax in it, it will get upset and sting you, so clean your ears but leave just a little wax for safety reasons. :)>Read: http://www.medicinenet.c... Read More »

How does chewing gum help the body?

Gum-chewers, rejoice. Experts now agree that chewing gum is beneficial to health in several ways.It can build your self-esteem, enhance your smile, lessen your stress, take off pounds and even bala... Read More »

How Does Body Lotion Help the Skin?

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