How Does Dying Leather Work?

Answer The distributor on the 1993 Toyota Celica regulates the spark going to each spark plug based off the engine's timing. If the contacts inside the distributor start to corrode or deteriorate, the spa... Read More »

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How to Clean Leather Before Dying?

Leather seats in vehicles take a lot of beating from the weather. Though they are not generally exposed to the elements, they do experience extremes in temperature variance. The sun beats down on t... Read More »

How Does Leather Work?

The most common causes of fabric fading are chemicals, washing, and exposure to sunlight. Color fastness, which is how well a fabric takes a dye, also plays a role in color fading, as fabrics that... Read More »

Does super glue work on leather?

No leather is delicate and it makes it look messy

Dying my hair, will this method work?

My hair is currently that color. You need developer. I used 40 volume. And buy extra dye and mix it with your conditioner when you shower. Helps keep it red. Look into developer! Lol. That's why mi... Read More »