How Does Common Stock Relate to the Balance Sheet?

Answer The balance sheet is a snapshot of company assets, liabilities and equity on one day in the fiscal year. The balance sheet equation is assets equals liabilities plus stockholders' equity. Stockhold... Read More »

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Which Ratios Are on a Common Size Balance Sheet?

A common size balance sheet is a financial statement that expresses the dollar amounts of each item as a percentage. A balance sheet lists all of a company's assets, liabilities and equities, and v... Read More »

How Does Cutting Your Dividend Affect the Balance Sheet?

Companies may change dividend policies to raise or cut dividends over time depending on the conditions of their balance sheet. A strong balance sheet often is marked by high level of capital and pl... Read More »

How Does GAAP Determine Whether an Intangible Asset Is Included on the Balance Sheet?

Most accounting is done on an accrual basis, meaning that costs and revenues are recorded in the time periods of their occurrence. Since some transactions can be difficult to date, a system of rule... Read More »

How thick is 10mil in sheet copper I need to relate it to something I can understand like aluminum foil?

1 mil is 0.001 inches. So 10mil is 0.01 inches thick. I believe aluminum foil is about 0.5mil, so 10mil is approximately as thick as 20sheets of aluminum foil.