How Does Common Stock Relate to the Balance Sheet?

Answer The balance sheet is a snapshot of company assets, liabilities and equity on one day in the fiscal year. The balance sheet equation is assets equals liabilities plus stockholders' equity. Stockhold... Read More »

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Which Ratios Are on a Common Size Balance Sheet?

A common size balance sheet is a financial statement that expresses the dollar amounts of each item as a percentage. A balance sheet lists all of a company's assets, liabilities and equities, and v... Read More »

How thick is 10mil in sheet copper I need to relate it to something I can understand like aluminum foil?

1 mil is 0.001 inches. So 10mil is 0.01 inches thick. I believe aluminum foil is about 0.5mil, so 10mil is approximately as thick as 20sheets of aluminum foil.

How to Do an Opening Day Balance Sheet?

A balance sheet gives a snapshot of a business' financial outlook at a particular moment. The basic formula for calculating finances is to add liabilities plus equity to yield total assets. An open... Read More »

How to Read a Balance Sheet?

A balance sheet (click to enlarge)Reading a balance sheet is a skill required in accounting and should be used for serious investors. The three different financial statements are balance sheet, inc... Read More »