How Does Business Management Contrast with Leadership?

Answer The words "leadership" and "management" are often used interchangeably, especially in business. While leaders may manage and managers may be leaders, the two concepts are different. Not all manager... Read More »

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How to Use Animal Leadership Styles to Inform Your Business Leadership Values?

Have you ever studied the social organization of various animals? Herd of elephants, a pride of lions, a troop of monkeys, a pack of hyena or wild dogs, a swarm of bees or a flock of birds? Who is ... Read More »

How to Compare and Contrast Management Medical Office Styles?

Managing a medical office offers unique challenges. It is one of the few work environments where the manager must be both a servant and a supervisor to physicians, while working side-by-side with t... Read More »

Management & Leadership Degrees?

Management and leadership complement one another and are necessary attributes in a variety of professional settings. Both of these qualities are important for those pursuing careers in executive an... Read More »

Theories of Leadership in Management?

Dozens of leadership theories exist, and nearly all have a close relationship with business management. In general, there are five that are cited regularly: transactional, transformational, trait-... Read More »