How Does Braking Recharge Batteries on Electric Cars?

Answer True hybrid vehicles have several innovative systems that make them different from conventional vehicles. Idle-off, power assist, eclectic-only-drive and regenerative braking are some examples. Reg... Read More »

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How often must batteries be changed in electric cars?

Battery production company Southern California Edison has been testing a lithium-ion subpack battery for nearly three years that has shown a lifespan of 180,000 miles in electric cars. Impressed by... Read More »

How to Recharge Car Batteries?

All batteries run out of power, so one needs to know how to charge them back.

How to Recharge Batteries?

Rechargeable batteries, the most common being NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride), NiCd (Nickel Cadmium), Li-ion (Lithium-ion) and Lead Acid (the type most commonly found in vehicles), are a sustainable al... Read More »

My RV Batteries Won't Recharge?

Recreational vehicles (RVs) typically have two onboard batteries; a chassis battery to supply the starter, lights, ignition (SLI) system and a coach battery to supply the "house" circuits. When bot... Read More »