How Does Body Odor Occur?

Answer What makes the tire of a car spin is the application of power and the loss of traction. It most often happens because the tire is trying to get a grip on a surface that's too slippery, loose or liq... Read More »

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Does Zinc Alleviate Body Odor?

Bromhidrosis (body odor) can be caused by one of our sweat glands (not eccrine, just apocrine), by the foods we eat (onions, hot red peppers, garlic) and by poor hygiene habits (not washing our hai... Read More »

Does aids cause body odor?

It shouldn't but iI don't knoow and don't plan on having it at all so I'm going to try my best not to get in contact with that.

Where physically on my body does gallbladder pain occur?

It occurs on the right side immediately under your rib cage. However, it can also radiate to your back, also on the right side under your rib cage. Sometimes a gallbladder attack starts with pain i... Read More »

Does Ginkgo Biloba Antibacterial Soap Remove Body Odor?

Washing with an antibacterial soap can eliminate body odor. However, this is due to the soap's antibacterial ingredients, not to the ginkgo biloba it contains. Does this Spark an idea?