How Does Bankruptcy Affect My Series 7 License?

Answer Someone wishing to sell securities in the United States must pass the Series 7 securities exam administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), formerly the National Association... Read More »

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Can bankruptcy affect my CPA?

A bankruptcy has no effect on your ability to hold a CPA license, as the two are mutually exclusive. A bankruptcy will also have no effect on your ability to register to take the CPA exam and has n... Read More »

Does bankruptcy affect car insurance?

You can still qualify for car insurance even if you have filed for bankruptcy. Nonetheless, it is likely that your insurance rates will be higher than a consumer with good credit or one who has not... Read More »

Can filing bankruptcy affect my job?

Your employer is not notified of a bankruptcy filing and cannot fire you because of it under the United States Bankruptcy Code. Your employer may be notified only if garnishment of your wages is wa... Read More »

Will my bankruptcy affect my spouse?

If you file bankruptcy, your spouse will be affected by the bankruptcy appearing on her credit report beneath any joint debts you share. She will also be affected by the seizure of property in Chap... Read More »