How Does Bad Gas Make Your Car Act?

Answer Bad gasoline in your tank can cause problems in a car engine, like knocking and pinging, engine misfire, rough idling and stalling, according to The problems will typically involve how ... Read More »

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Why does the internet make you put the letters you see to make sure your not a robot?

Those are to prevent viruses and automated programs (robots) from accessing website and personal data. The letters/numbers within the boxes cannot be read as text by the computer, but are contained... Read More »

Does upgrading your countertops make your home more saleable?

If they look worn or outdated, then yes, consider upgrading. However, never upgrade something like a counter top above what you have in appliances or space. Those are going to be what they look a... Read More »

Does mowing your lawn frequently make your grass softer?

cutting grass more frequently may not make it softer but will make it thicker which would probably make it feel softer. rule of thumb is never remove more then 1/3 of the blade when mowing. if you ... Read More »

Girls: Does shaving your face make your skin smoother?

DO NOT SHAVE YOUR FACE That blonde hair will grow back in as dark hair. Then you will have to shave all the time!