How Does Asthma Affect a Child?

Answer Asthma is marked by narrowing and swelling in an individual's airways. The respiratory disease has many effects on children, which when it affects them is referred to as pediatric, or childhood, as... Read More »

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Is there any way of knowing whether or not asthma will affect you if it appears to have gone away?

Answer If your asthma has gone away then it shouldn't affect you.

Do down comforters affect people with asthma?

On One Hand: Down comforters not recommended for asthmaticsAccording to Brown University's website for health education, down bedding can trigger attacks for individuals suffering from asthma. The ... Read More »

How does the pollen count affect those with asthma&allergies?

According to Australia's My Dr., the pollen count is reported during the pollen season as part of television weather forecasts. The pollen count can be reported at different levels such as low, me... Read More »

How does asthma affect your physical emotional intellectual and social needs?

AnswerI have had asthma since I was a kid. at 36 I was diagnosed with copd chronic obstructive pulmonary disease one of the major components of this was bronchial asthma and asthmatic bronchitis. a... Read More »